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  • Kent Top SlotKTS 125/125/100-10


    Kent Top Slot (KTS 125/125/100-10) is a highly effective yet discreet drainage solution for public realm landscapes. Kent Top Slot is designed for use with existing polymer or concrete channels.  

    Kent Top Slot is manufactured in 1000mm lengths for stock which can easily be joined together on site using throat and collar connectors. Lengths can also be cut back on site to match exact lengths required on site.

    Kent Top Slot comes as standard with 100mm high throat with 10mm internal width which are flared outwards to allow debris to push downwards which minimizes blockages. all throats are made from 2mm steel.



    • B125 loading as standard- C250 & D400 versions also available
    • Flexible modular system - easy to handle and to cut back on site
    • Available in either Grade 304 or Grade 316
    • 100mm Throat height, 10mm internal slot
    • 125mm or 175mm widths available
    • Visible or Hidden options available

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