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  • Kent Padlock Flip Lid SocketKPFLS


    The Kent Padlock Flip Lid Socket is a removable bollard socket. The bollard is secured to the socket with a padlock when the flip lid is in the up position and the eye of the bollard is next to the eye of the flip lid. It is removed by opening the padlock and removing it from the eyes of the bollard and flip lid. The bollard is then lifted out of the socket and the flip lid is pushed to the horizontal position so it lies flush with the top of the socket.


    • Satin Polish top to 320 grit
    • Flip lid socket with eyes for padlock
    • Various types of suitable bollards available
    • Flush socket with no trip hazards
    • Grade 316 stainless steel as standard

    Technical Specifications: 

    Reference  Height  Width  Depth Bollard Dia. 
     KPFLS-101 300mm 150mm  175mm  101mm 
     KPFLS-114 300mm  165mm  190mm 114mm
     KPFLS-141 300mm  200mm  225mm  141mm 
     KPFLS-168 300mm  230mm  255mm 168mm