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  • Kent Hidden Lock SocketKHLS-101


    The Kent Hidden Lock Socket for Removable Bollards was designed to solve the problems councils had with damaged flip lids, hinges or padlocks.  Kent Stainless invented a new ground socket with no padlock or flip lid.  A Pawl Latch is used instead of a padlock.  This Pawl Latch can have any of a number of security head locks, or a simple triangular lock.

    The flip lid is replaced with a strong fixed circular plate surrounded by a 6mm heelproof slot, so when the bollard is removed a heelproof top plate remains.  This top plate of the ground socket can be finished square or rectangular to match surrounding paving patterns.  Or it can have a round perimeter where tarmac or concrete is being used.

    This design was first created for Foster & Partners and World Stadium Team for the Removable Bollards at Wembley Stadium for stainless steel 4", 6" and 8" lift-out bollards

    Note our advice to take 2 bollard ground sockets for each removable bollard in order to store the bollard in a discreet place after removal.


    • Satin Polish Finish to 320 grit
    • Socket bolted to concrete pad
    • Hidden Lock incorporated under ground level 
    • Flush finish on socket when bollard removed
    • Available in a Round or Square top finish to suit paving pattern


    Technical Specifications:

    Reference  Height  Width  Depth  Bollard Dia. 
    KHLS-101        101mm