Lusail City, Qatar

 مدينة لوسيل، قطر                                                                   
 تصميم وتصنيع الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ لأغطية الحفر وفتحات تنفيس الهواء                المشروع
                                                                         الديار القطرية                    العميل
                                                                                   كووي   المهندس المعماري
 بارسونز                                                                                مدير المشروع       
                                                                                 هالكرو  المهندس الاستشاري

في العام 2011 كينت المقوم للصدأ على مناقصة وتوريد الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ لأغطية الحفر وفتحات تنفيس الهواء بمدينة لوسيل CP1 . صمم بواسطة برنامج ثلاثي الأبعاد (Solid Works and Solid Edge )، لتطبيق العمليات الحسابية لشحن 44 طن تطبق على كل بنية لمطابقة المواصفات وتحميل B125 و D400






Lusail City, Qatar
Project: Design and Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Manholes and Air Vent Grilles
Client: Qatari Diar
Architect: Cowi
Project Manager: 
Consulting Engineer:           Halcrow/ C2HM Hill
Value: €200,000


In 2011 Kent Stainless received approval from QDVC for the design, manufacture and supply of stainless steel recessed manholes and Ventilation Grilles. The Kent Solo Paver and Kent Multi Paver were supplied in stainless steel throughout the most prestigious parts of the new city. By interfacing directly with Ooredoo, Ashgal, Kahramaa and QDVC when required, Kent were able to tailor supply to suit all end users of the product. Arabic text inscriptions were used for the first time on stainless steel manholes, and Kent were able to introduce laser cut Kent Multi Vent Grilles- both lift -out and hinged versions were very widely used. Grilles were made to be heelproof, Grade 316L Stainless Steel and compliant with loadings for 44 ton trucks. In particular, on the tunnel covers above the substations staircases, lift assist grilles were installed allowing a 300kg cover be opened by one operative with a 10kg force. 


Similar requirements were made for Recessed manholes above the ventilation chambers. Limitations of gas spring lift assist covers were quickly realised and Kent introduced new Mechanical Strut Lift Assist Manholes which operated perfectly at infrequent intervals and equally well at ambient temperatures of +18°C and +49°C without adjustment.