About Us

Kent Stainless Ltd. was founded in 1982 as a general steel fabricator. The company focused on Stainless Steel fabrication at the end of the 1980s and began specialising in stainless steel drainage products in the early 1990’s.  Sustained growth by the company throughout the 90’s saw the introduction of stainless steel surface protection, and in the late 1990s this began to be demanded for outdoor applications.

The external channel drainage and recessed access covers for external works were then complemented by a full suite of stainless steel street furniture including  bollards, bins, cycle racks and seating.  The early 00’s also saw the introduction of a fully fledged sanitaryware range by Kent Stainless including stainless steel sinks, bed pan washers, combined WC’s and mop sinks.   The continued investment in product development and R&D ensures new products and ranges are always on the horizon.

During the 2010's we branched out into the Middle East with substantial projects in Qatar since 2011.  This was followed by entering the UAE market in 2016, Kuwait in 2019, and Saudi Arabia in 2020.

Kent Stainless also entered the USA market in 2019 firstly in Drainage for the Pharmaceutical Factory Construction sector

Running parallel with this product based growth was a custom fabrication service.  The current “Machine Building” service offers a second to none manufacturing service for large industry including paper mills, wastewater, pharmaceutical, food, dairy and beverage industries.  The in-house capabilities of laser cutting, brake pressing, pipe bending, bead blasting and electropolishing ensure all types of custom fabrication can be supplied.

Kent Stainless is currently the no.1  largest fabricator of Stainless Steel Drainage in Ireland and the second largest in the UK.

We are Ireland's largest Street Furniture company.

We are Ireland's largest manufacturer of Dewatering Machinery for the Wastewater Industry.

We continue to be one of Ireland's leading Sub-Contract Manufacturer for many American Multinational Companies.

We are the no.1 manufacturer of products for Public Realm Projects in London.

We are the world's largest In Ground Power Unit manufacturer.

Kent Stainless are certified to quality standard ISO9001:2008, to ISO18001 Certification, to environmental standard ISO14000, are members of FACTA, and are a Link-Up supplier (number 25324). .